Jun. 2nd, 2013 10:49 pm
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I think it's been a good 5-6 years since I've seen any anime that could get me fangirly excited about it. (I think the most recent anime I really loved was Kimi No Todoke, but shoujo is a different sort of excitement for me. For one thing, there's usually not a whole lot of world building/new mythology to get into.)

I just watched the first 8 eps of Attack On Titan, and I am IN LOVE.

You know what's always a good sign? When the male and female versions of a uniform ARE EXACTLY THE SAME.

It also helps that the animation is insanely good. Definitely planning on getting the blurays for this.
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spoilers )

In conclusion, Elementary finale still my favorite finale this season.


Apr. 9th, 2013 08:12 pm
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YES. Natalie Dormer has just been cast as Irene Adler.

(Flashback or present day not confirmed, but they wouldn't REALLY fridge Irene, right?)
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I'm pretty sure it's the actress and not the writing, but Clara is much much more palatable than Amy. To be sure, I'm 110% positive that Moffat will no doubt destroy any positive feeling I have for her, but at the moment, I'm enjoying Clara as the companion.

However, it's only the second episode (at least of this incarnation of Clara), and we already know more about her backstory than we ever did of Amy's.

RTD era companions still are much much more fleshed out and human than Moffat's but it's progress, and I'm glad I don't have to actively hate on what used to be my favorite show.
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I've been thinking of archiving my fic on somewhere other than LJ in case I ever do permanently leave...Can anyone hook me up with an invite to Archive of Our Own (I have no idea if this is a reasonable request or not; is it difficult to get in)? I'd rather not post to the pit.

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Partial thoughts on Episode 6 of Legend of Korra here:

In general, probably my favorite episode of this season. Things just got EPIC.

Also, note to self; Do not wander into Korra fandom ever again. Though I suppose I should have known better.
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Well, now that I've got the shipping stuff out of the way, let me jot down the other things about this show I loved...

I preface this with the fact that when the show was announced I was both happy and extremely skeptical they could make anything to match the brilliance of the original.

Spoilers )
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I'm stressed out for RL stuff, so I'm ranting a little here.

Spoilers for Legend of Korra and Avatar: The Last Airbender )


Mar. 24th, 2012 08:00 pm
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OMG, is fandom finally calling out Moffat for his bullshit?

He completely ruined Doctor Who, which was my once favorite show, so yeah, I'm feeling a little vindication here.
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It's so funny because it's sad and true.

Spoilers for Doctor Who Season Six.
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Ok, people that are complaining that Sherlock lost out to Downton Abbey?

I liked the BBC Sherlock series, but Downton Abbey was consistently good throughout seven episodes.


For once, an awards show got it right.
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(Ok, yes the quality is terrible, but OMG OMG THE THEME MUSIC GUYS!)

ETA: Possible better quality trailer on nick's official site, but I can't open the page...I think we crashed it?

ETA2: It's working for me now:

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I'm not sure if the 'info' below the pic is the original poster's thoughts or actual spoilers from Comic Con. But GUYS! THE PICTURE!

PLEASE DON'T SUCK SHOW. I am so excited for this I Can't Even. Like, it's the only new show I'm looking forward to really.
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There are some stories you read that stay with you.

Everyone has their favorite DWJ book, mine's the first one of hers I picked up "Howl's Moving Castle". I can quote passages from it even now. Sometimes you outgrow your childhood favorites, but her books always stood the test of time for me.

I can't believe I'm never going to get to pick up a new release from her again. She was inspiring; in a world where it seems some new hot author is getting pushed every month, I took comfort from the fact that she didn't get published until she was a grandmother.

Losing a favorite author is such a odd sadness. I didn't know her really.

But I read her words and her thoughts and her worldview seeped into her stories. So in a way, I did, and I mourn her like a lost friend.
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It's getting re-released! This means, I can finally get it! Unflipped! With new translations!


(I would try to be more coherent but I have been waiting for this FOREVER)

BBC Merlin

Feb. 20th, 2011 09:49 am
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So pretty much an easy way to get me to watch your show is to put up about a season's worth on HULU.

Side Rant on How Giving Things Away Actually Makes Me Buy It )

Anyway, back to BBC Merlin. So you know those shows where you can never ever interact with fandom because your reading of the show is so different from everyone else? This is one of them.

Merlin is not a great show. It boosts awesome actors who frequently can elevate the material into stratospheric heights, but the actual writing is not great. For those that don't know, the basic premise is a Smallville like retelling of the myth; so Merlin before he was Merlin. The biggest departures from the most commonly told tales, is that Merlin is younger than Arthur, and his servant, and Gwen is a servant in the castle as well. Unlike others, I don't have a problem with this because the Arthur retellings are so varied and pretty much all authors who retell it change some things anyway.

The writing for the women is absurdly horrible. For mild spoilers regarding character arcs )
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